Just Add Water is an improvisational comedy troupe from Yale University. Comprised of Yale’s funniest and most daring students, JAW performs both on- and off-campus, bringing laughter to fellow students and the world at large. We've performed at Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, The Second City in Chicago, and schools and theaters around the entire U.S.

Just Add Water is the only Yale comedy group to do long-form, short-form, AND musical improv. This means we make up short scenes, longer multi-scene stories, songs, and musicals completely on the spot. There is no planning ahead - we rely on audience suggestions for inspiration, and create the rest on the fly. 


Our Improv

Our repertoire is enormous and varied, and we mix it up to keep the funny fresh at each new show. In “Rydell High,” for instance, a normal scene takes place until an audience volunteer shouts the code word. Then, whoever was just talking has to sing about whatever they were just talking about, in whatever genre the audience suggests - anything from pop, rock, and rap to blues, reggae, or opera! We start with shorter scenes, and then end each show with a full-blown, never-been-seen-before Broadway musical: a twenty-minute-long affair with scenes, songs and even improvised choreography, all based on a title suggested by the audience.