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The Foote School community — students, faculty, and staff — could not have been more thrilled than they were with Just Add Water! The children still speak of the excitement of the assemblies and the personal interaction with the Just Add Water players during the workshops. For weeks after the residency, students could be seen in class and even outside improvising, revisiting the exercises that they were guided through, and feeling the joy of the experience over and over. It was perhaps the most successful visiting artist program I can remember...Just Add Water seemed to create its program around the specific qualities and needs of our school. The troupe members were extremely giving and caring, related personally to numerous students of all ages, making each one feel special, and radiated a joy that was palpable on this campus for the full week of residency. Some of our students wrote poems about Just Add Water and I witnessed one first grader give a JAW member some shells he had collected at the beach as a thankyou gift! ... I know that nothing is “perfect” in this world, but JAW came pretty close to it in my opinion.
— Julian Schlusberg, Drama Department Chair of The Foote School (New Haven, CT)
Our students loved both the show and the workshop. The show was fast-paced and engaging, and JAW’s performers were gifted at improvisation. The quick-thinking nature and creativity demanded by improv comedy was an inspiration to our students who were more skilled performers, and some of our quieter students benefited from the opportunity to let their hair down in the workshop....JAW was engaging, relatable, and very funny. The show was fantastic and the workshop was very well-done.
— Erik Kreutner, Head of School, Mason Preparatory School (Charleston, SC)
The Hopkins kids loved JAW’s show - their energy and creativity and imagination made a deep impression on the kids! We have an active “improv” life here, as well, and watching slightly older and more “mature” college kids doing this work was truly inspiration for our theatrically-minded students.
— John Roberts, Assistant Head of School, Hopkins School (New Haven, CT)
You can never get bored with them because every performance is literally different from each other. They rely purely on suggestions from the audiences and they constantly interact with everyone in the room creating an almost cinematic experience. Now I’m not gonna lie I walked in thinking I was gonna loathe the entire thing but I’ve never laughed so hysterically for an entire hour, it was absolutely brilliant!... It was just incredible watching these performers think so quickly under the tremendous pressure of the audience. They had to both think about what to say to continue the scene all while entertaining the audience. Pure. f*cking talent.
— Ronald, a senior student at Konawaena High School (Kealakekua,HI) (complete review here:
The show was an enthralling performance. The seniors enjoyed the pace and amount of interaction. One senior came up to me after the performance to say that the performance was just what she need it. That it was hilarious distraction from her every day life struggles and it meant a lot to her. I would definitely recommend this to others . The performance was entertaining and thought provoking. The seniors enjoyed all the actors.
— Paola Vargas, Program Director of BRASS (Bringing Resources To Action To Serve Seniors), (Waterbury, CT)
Our elderly residents loved the show. What a talented, kind group you are! Your interactions with the residents was wonderful. It is great to see how quick and clever you guys are and how talented and funny! Every one of you was so kind to the elderly residents. You made them feel very special and we are very grateful.
— Mother Margaret Charles, Administrator St Joseph's Home for the Elderly, (Chicago, IL)